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Project HOPE is a consortium of organizations from diverse services. These organizations have come together with two overarching goals: 1-reduce the opioid epidemic in Marshall County; 2-provide consistent and encouraging support throughout the journey back to physical, mental and emotional health. More specifically, Project HOPE’s efforts focus on education, coordination, and sustainment. Some of the expanded resources Project HOPE provides include: adolescent and parental evidence-based prevention education, trauma-informed law enforcement and emergency teams, navigation services, medical and mental health coordination, and stigma-reducing opportunities to engage.

Contact Project HOPE:

Beacon Community Impact
307 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
South Bend, IN 46601

In need of treatment or recovery services? 

Call 800-342-5653

For information about Project HOPE, call Hannah Ollen at 574-647-1322

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Project HOPE Team

Scott Kresca.jpg

Scott Kresca

Recovery Navigator-Coordinator
(574) 316-0206

I truly believe it takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. I am committed to walking with you on a recovery path. My other daily priorities involve faith, family, and Purdue athletics.

Without the right support system in place, a person struggling with substance use may imagine that being in recovery is more difficult than remaining in the cycle of addiction.

Growth can be painful. Change can be painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong. I used this mindset to complete my college degree at age fifty. Now I am devoting the rest of my life to assisting others in making positive change in their lives.

My path in social work has blessed me with opportunities to work in various areas, most recently in facilitating addiction groups and assisting those in jail. I will be providing support for 30-60 days to people following their release or discharge from a higher level of care, like jail or acute inpatient treatment and wrapping them in services to help them maintain recovery. This will include helping with Medical Health, Employment, Transportation, Housing, Insurance, and attending Substance Use Treatment programs.

Amye Gourley.jpg

Amye Gourley

Educator, Social Worker
(574) 316-0351

I work in Marshall County and am a mother, a wife, and a sister. I have been working in the mental health field since 2011. My formal training is in child welfare, mental health, and addictions. I enjoy sewing, woodworking, crocheting, and gardening.

I believe:

  • Circumstances do not define a person

  • Every person has potential

  • Growth requires support

I will be leading free monthly workshops at community locations for family members with loved ones struggling with substance and opioid use.

These workshops will build your skills and understanding on how to help you, your loved ones and your children. I will give guidance to improve your family’s mental and emotional health. I will offer suggestions on other community resources that can assist you. If I don’t know something, I will find the person who does know.

Beth Sullivan.jpg

Beth Sullivan

Peer Recovery Coach
(574) 307-8004

I’m a mom to two grown sons. I’ve been a wife, a widow and a wife again. I love Star Trek, Tattoos and MMA. I’m a grateful recovering addict/alcoholic. My journey into recovery began in 1986.

I’ve been blessed with continuous recovery for the last 20 years. Notice I used the word “recovering.” Recovery is a journey, with ups downs, twists and turns. I have a lot of stories and experiences to share. Don’t we all? I like to work with people who want a different life, whatever different means to you. I absolutely love to learn new things!

There’s always something new to learn. I believe in change. Baby steps count! As a peer recovery coach, I am a walking, talking resource center and a companion rather than a counselor. I will help those in recovery gain confidence as they learn:

  • Addiction/Recovery Education

  • Sober Living Skills

  • Available Resources

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • The Importance of Emotional Support

Kelly Erickson.jpg

Kelly Erickson

Treatment Coordinator Navigator
(574) 598-8569

I work with my husband at David's Courage, a sober-living home in Plymouth, Indiana. I am passionate about helping people find healing and recovery from addiction. I love to spend my free time with my family, reading a good book, and traveling.

When individuals or families reach out to me, I will listen, encourage, and provide information on services that will help them or loved ones work towards healing from addiction.

The services I can help navigate you toward include but are not limited to:

  • Sober living homes

  • Treatment centers

  • Support groups

  • Individual and family counseling services

  • Financial assistance

  • Food assistance

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Employment

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